Put the Wind in Your Sales

Our developed network of professionals specializes in providing processes, tools, coaching, and training that increases sales, improves margin, and reduces customer churn.

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Master Your

Sales Pitch

Becoming a compelling advisor and stop sounding Salesy!

Understand the

Buyer’s Mind

Find your clients pain points and learn to speak to them.

Close More


Convert on your activity and work smarter.

Skill Assessment

Online testing and analysis for new hires or current employees and associated coaching and growth plans

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are our core competency.  Increase sales conversions, reduce turnover and control the cost of sales by protecting margins and reducing refunds and retaining customers longer.

Individual Coaching

Ongoing sessions for both leadership and front line sales staff.

Sales Structure

From commission plans to sales collateral, everything your sales department needs to operate like a Swiss watch.

With a Passion for Sales


Decades of experience selling, managing and training salespeople in a variety of industries has taught us that the biggest improvements are often caused by the smallest of obstacles being removed. Through a developed network of specialists, we can provide recommendations and assist with the implementation of tools and process that will reduce costs and increase sales!

What my Clients are Saying

Creative Innovation, sales acumen, reliability and an eye towards the bottom line is what you get with Julien Recoussine.

William S

A sales expert. He understands the process, the key skills required and how to successfully transfer his knowledge and experience to others.

Roger H

What sets Julien apart is his ability to deconstruct a process he knows so well and teach it to a wide range of people with different levels of experience and knowledge.

Rachel R

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