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Sales stuck in a rut?  Keep getting chopped down by the same objections?  Starting to think that the top performers in sales around you are just “lucky” or have “a better client list”?  The only sure thing is that if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results.

Sales is part psychology and part math, and with a detailed plan and the right tools, you can be a top performer in sales.  The key is that just “winging” it when you get a prospect on the phone or a meeting with a customer is not going to work consistently.  The best performers at any profession have a process, a system, and practice what they do so that when the opportunities present themselves, their preparation carries them to success.  In other words, Luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.

Decades of experience selling, managing and training salespeople in a variety of industries has taught us that the biggest improvements are often caused by the smallest of obstacles being removed. Through a developed network of specialists, we can provide a specific plan, recommendations and assist with the implementation of tools and process that will reduce costs and increase sales!

Our Team

Julien Recoussine has spent the last twenty years selling, managing and training sales professionals. A passionate advocate of the customer centric consultative selling approach, he has worked with many corporations on curating their customer approach and sales process to maximize sales around a complete understanding of customer needs.

After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Tim Wasman started a career in sales, where he’s spent over 25 years running the national field sales force for several large companies, as well as building several training departments from the groundup. He has always considered mentoring and growing the managers and sales reps on his team a primary responsibility of leadership.

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Sales is part psychology and part math. Let me help you get better at both!

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