Gimmicks Won’t Work

In today’s high tech, highly interconnected world, prospects are less and less likely to fall for yesteryear’s sales tricks or gimmicks. At the touch of a keyboard, while on the phone with your sales representative, prospects can research your company, your product, your industry, your competition, and even you or your sales representative personally.

Today’s sales world is about understanding that showing up and regurgitating product information gives you the same odds as mass mailing out a brochure.  A controlled, honest, and customized sales process allows your salespeople to feel in control of their conversations, while developing trust, which is the key ingredient in any buying decision.

From the process you use to prospect to the language your sales force uses to communicate with clients and present your products or services, we can improve the focus and conversion rates of any sales department, large or small.   Our approach is rooted in human psychology and years of experience selling products and services to individuals and companies of all sizes.  Understanding the human dynamic that occurs when someone is selling and someone is thinking of buying frees a company from a strategy based on hope, and instead creates an environment based on a scientific approach to finding and converting qualified prospects.

Skill Assessment

From recruiting and hiring to managing your current employees, online testing modules designed to identify communication styles and thinking patterns will allow for better hiring decisions and targeted and effective coaching/growth plans for your employees.

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are our core competency.  Increase sales conversions, reduce turnover and control the cost of sales by protecting margins and reducing refunds and retaining customers longer. Topics include the following:

  •     Fundamental Sales skills “College” style sessions
  •     Strategic leadership and sales management training
  •     Sales process and activity-based sales strategic planning
  •     Upselling and client retention process
  •     Objection handling strategy and practical application
  •     Proper use of sales collateral as a closing tool
  •     Prospecting skills and activities

High impact crash course sessions or ongoing reinforcement sessions available.

Individual Coaching

Ongoing sessions for both leadership and front line sales staff.

  •     Process-based selling
  •     Sales management
  •     Leadership
  •     Training and coaching
  •     Interview preparation for new jobs or possible promotions

Sales Structure

Everything your sales department needs to operate like a Swiss watch. We can provide:

  •     New hires Sales training program
  •     Monthly/Quarterly workshops
  •     Sales Collateral that wins sales
  •     Management coaching plans and implementation

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Sales is part psychology and part math. Let me help you get better at both!

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